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Christmas Mood

I write this article yesterday (25 Dec 2017), but because the internet was not working yesterday, I just post it today.
Today I feel a little bit boring. I spend almost half of the day with my mom and dad, doing the mommy and daddy sitting. They still do some quarrel, a little bit quarrel here and there. I am just bored, I wish I can have a quiet Christmas without any quarrel. My little sister went to Jogja. My younger sister goes on a date. Then who will take care of my family in this holiday? Me? Yes, of course. Who else then? 
I don’t think like I was given such a heavy burden to take care my parents in this Christmas day. I don’t say that I don’t enjoy my time with my family. Sometimes, I just wish I can have a different way to celebrate Christmas. I envy my friend that went to Bali while I am not going anywhere because I still have some target to achieve. I envy people who celebrate Christmas with their couples while currently I don’t have any couple. I just bit a little bit bor…

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