What is the meaning of falling in love for you?

What is the meaning of falling in love for you?

You define it.

For me, falling in love is a special feeling. This is how I define it:

I can feel my heart beats faster when I feel like I’m going to meet you

I can feel a big curiousity about you, trying to find out all about you in social media

I can feel so awkward when I meet you, look at you, or speak to you (moreover, if three of them happen at the same time)

I can smile to myself without a clear reason

I can see the mirror longer and do something to make myself looks more perfect

I can see the mirror hating myself and thinking about, “Will you love this kind of imperfect girl?”

I feel I sing more often, Christian songs are the most

I can wish for you were here, but it doesn’t happen in the reality. Yes, you are everywhere, you fill up my heart and head

I found myself busily look at my Whatsapp just trying so hard to find your message in my Whatsapp chat

I can feel like I am less strong, because it seems like falling in love make me weaker and brittle. I hate having my tears down for an unclear reason

I feel like I’m using more feeling and less logic, which is the opposite of my normal condition, and I hate it a lot. I don’t feel like that this is me

If I could choose, I choose not to fall in love. Because this feeling really distracts me from my habitual action and activity

But, I thank to God for every feeling that I feel. I am a human, not a robot that only does the same activity day by day for the survival reason.

Falling in love makes me feel happier; giving an unusual feeling that makes my day feels different

Falling in love grows my faith; because I feel I pray in a more faithful way, at least I really wish that you could be mine :P

Falling in love make me pray more often, giving me an inspiration to pray differently. I can pray to God in a more “live”, faithful, and honest way, not just asking for what I want persistently in the same boring way.

Falling in love makes me feel healthier. As I feel happier, my stress is reduced, and I can feel my back pain was reduced too.

Falling in love grows my faith, hope, and my relationship to God. I am surrender to God and I am sure that whatever that happen to my life, God has prepared the best plan and also the best man for me.

I thank to God for every feeling that I feel and for every stage of live I went through. It might not always perfect, but I am sure, it’s the best one.


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