Happy birthday ^^,

Hey hey… In this chance, I’d really like to say birthday to someone quite special that was celebrated his birthday last month. Who’s then? Surely secret, hehehe =)

Actually, I was too shy to say to say any “happy birthday” words. I was afraid that he thought I was too much care about him. *Yes, I am.* So, let’s make some alibi. Ok, since last month I was so much busy and have no time to say any “happy birthday”, so today, I would like to say that. Hahaha, good alibi. Good job, Helen! Somehow I think that it might be too late, but then I re-think and find out that it’s better too late than not at all. =D

Happy birthday, dear... Ich wuensche dir alle die Beste. =)



  1. selalu takjub sama jepretan ci helen ^o^ nice pict (y) jd lafaar..hehe

  2. hahaha... thx nerr =)Aku jg jadi laperrrr... pengen kebabbbb^^


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