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I never being tired of the beach. The beautiful view is still amazing no matter how many times I have visited it. The beach breeze, the smell of the sea, the blue sky, and the waves are still capturing my amazement. I have edited a lot of the beach's photos, but I am never get tired to edit the new ones.  

That evening was wonderful. I thank God for the beautiful view and the comfortable weather. More than that, I went with the awesome girls who are more than just sisters. What can be more? =)


  1. I agree. I wish I could live by the sea :) Nice photos and talking about photos- you asked which camera I'm using- it's Nikon D5100 with 35mm (1.8) lens. Have a great weekend! :) xx Maja

  2. Yes, I wish I could too =) Oke, thanks for your kind answer. I am still using the pocket camera. I am not able to use SLR currently. But, I will learn to use it to get better photo =)

    Have a great day =)


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