Gothic-Girly-Tribal Style

These days I have a big desire to play around with make up, fashion, and photography. But I didn't do it to myself because I realize I don't have the ideal body. Lol. So I did it with my sister. 

Actually I wanted to make something gothic because I put a very thick eyeliner. I also wanted to put a bright red lipstick on her and the outfit must be a little bit boyish, like a leather jacket, jeans, and sneaker. But then I changed the idea. I put a light-pink lipstick and the girly-tribal dress with the black leather heels. And it is so well-matched. So I just continue with the idea.

Then we took a little bit photo session in my terrace. Forget about my poor terrace. Maybe next time we need to find a better place to take the photo (if we are not too lazy to go out, hehehe). 

I like this jump photo although it's not so perfect.

Have a nice weekend everyone. =)


  1. I like this outfit you chose for your sister. The pink, tribal dress is lovely. And the shoes and makeup that goes together as well :)
    If you'd like to follow each other, just let me know. xx Maja

  2. Hi Maja. Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog.

    Sure. I'd like to follow each other. I've followed yours =)


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